This page contains links to play solo and multiplayer Catastrophic on, and to tutorial videos and extra hints and tips as we develop them. Get in touch if you have ideas or suggestions for more.

Catastrophic online is based on version 2 of Catastrophic (as revised in 2019). Many thanks to Steve Barker for implementing the online game setups. Mobile setups are not yet available, but we're working on it!

Play Catastrophic: Solo Mode

A single player game: two actions per turn, and four trait cards in your hand.

Just click and play!

Play Catastrophic: Multiplayer Mode

A 2-4 player game: three actions per turn, and seven trait or Nature Calls cards in your hand.

One person should make the game room using this link, set the number of players to 2-4 as appropriate, and then send the direct link to their opponents.

We recommend using another channel for real-time communications as well - why not have an online games night with your friends using your favourite video conferencing software?

with Dr Pen Holland