Catastrophic is a game of community, conservation and catastrophe. Cultivate and support the development of the most robust community of plants and animals, weaken those of your opponents, and adapt to survive the events the planet and your opponents continually throw at you.

Our crowdfunding project was a huge success! Catastrophic is educational, but it's also fun and hilariously competitive! We raised £4661 from 98 donors via the University of York YuStart crowdfunding page in June 2022. The future is a Catastrophically playful place! We've sent more than 80 Catastrophic games out to donors and schools, and supported more than 260 hours of student time for the Catastrophic Crew to make learning resources for teaching with Catastrophic, develop the game to highlight careers in the biosciences, ecosystems, and make a fantasy traits expansion pack to upgrade plants and animals to your favourite mythical creatures. You can find the first of these resources on the Downloads page, where you can also print and play the game if you haven't got a shiny copy of your own.

If you missed out, don't worry - we're working on plans to produce the game for regular availability. Watch this space, or follow our social media accounts on Twitter (@Catastrophic_CG) or Instagram (@catastrophicgame).

Catastrophic is a joyful card game designed to help players understand how the small things in life can affect large scale processes around the world. Interested? Read more about the project, download a print-ready version of the cards and use them at home or in the classroom, play through the rules or get in touch.

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Now available to play online

You can now play Catastrophic online in solo mode or multiplayer mode (2-4 players), thanks to the magic of!

See our new Play Online page for links, rules, tutorials and more.

Escape from Catastrophic Island

You've seen the card game, now you can choose your own Escape from Catastrophic Island. This text based adventure lets you build up traits that will make you resilient to Catastrophic events as you explore the island and try to get home. It's simpler than the card game, but still fun! Will you play as a plant or an animal?